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Quote by Jenifer Altman October 21 2012, 0 Comments

A quote by Jenifer Altman, owner of CISTHENE and author of Instant Love.

“Jewelry is personal. Some, such as myself, could argue that it could indeed be the most personal thing you place on your body. It is not simply metal and stone that we adorn ourselves. It is thousands of years of craftsmanship; it is metal from the depths of our Earth and minerals that have endured millions of years of trial by water and fire to become what they are today. The practice of wearing jewelry, originally for protection then for currency and finally for decoration, is as nearly as ancient as humanity itself. And I use the word practice purposefully, for truly wearing jewelry is a practice more so than an act. We imbue our jewels in our own energies, our desires and even our individual histories; each piece becoming a Talisman – charged with our personal magic."